EDP Collab Afterhomework 30 ml - Bon Parfumeur
EDP Collab Afterhomework 30 ml - Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur

EDP Collab Afterhomework 30 ml


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Eau de parfum 2019 Limited Edition. Chilled vodka, forbidden feeling

Afterhomework is a striking olfactive immersion. Fresh, heavily spicy and intensely woody, reminiscent of tobacco. Not half-hearted - nor for the faint of heart - this scent will pull you into a world where freshness burns hot.

A cigarette on your lips, a frosty glass of vodka at your fingertips, an underground Parisian evening that flirts with decadence and scandal.

The ice cracks open under an explosion of zest and mint of vodka that provokes an intense desire to be tasted. This fresh beginning is instantly warmed up the pleasant notes of cinnamon and pepper that spice up the composition. The entirety reveals the woody notes of vetiver and the tobacco leaves giving the fragrance a bewitching character.

Varumärke Bon Parfumeur
Kategori Parfymer
Artikelnummer P191320122 / BPAFTEREDP30